About Us

SAVED was born from this idea: “Whoever acknowledges ME before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in Heaven.” (Mathew 10:32)

My wife and I started SAVED Apparel Company with one goal in our  heart, acknowledge Yeshua/Jesus before others in a world that has turned their back on Him. We believe that by wearing a simple article of clothing you can make a profound proclamation of your faith and plant a seed that could eventually bare a great harvest.

My wife and I met 20 years ago; we have been married for 10 years. I was raised a Follower of Yeshua/Jesus and fell away, like so many do when they go out into the world. Many years later, like the Prodigal son I was humbled and came back to Him in need of forgiveness. My wife is Jewish and knew nothing of Yeshua/Jesus. She was saved at a mission in her late twenties when Yeshua called her at her lowest moment. When we married, we had nothing and were starting over from scratch.

We had left the Nightclub Business in Las Vegas and moved to Tucson, AZ to have a more quiet and clean life. We started a food truck business and with much blood, sweat and tears made it a huge success. The Pandemic of 2020 wiped us out in a single day.

We had the idea of SAVED Apparel company for a few years but were so busy that all it could be was an idea. Now we believe that through struggle Elohim shows us a new way, but a more important way! We want to share our love for our Savior and Messiah with subtle but true statements to the world. The Son of God, The Messiah is alive! We hope others will wear our gear and make this statement with us! ELOHIM IS GOOD!

SAVED Apparel Company will always give our first fruits to the Kingdom of God. The FIRST 10% of every sale will go to a Godly organization or Brother/Sister in need.